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-Hello from,+Hi ,
-Doing your own product shipping or order fulfillment in house?+Who would I contact at your company that handles ordering your logo products, t-shirts, and promotional items?
-Tired of it? Visit us on  +For over 20 years we have been creating and supplying our clients with all their custom logo merchandise.
-We can store, inventory, and manage your drop shipping / order fulfillment for you.  +We can put your logo onto anything including:
-Based in the US for almost 2 decades we ship around the world and will save you time and money.+-Custom Printed T-shirts / Hoodies 
 +-Table Covers  
 +-Key chains  
 +-USB flash drives 
-Who would be the best contact at your company to discuss?+---plus 350,000 other items!
-Here are some of the items we ship for clients: +We also offer PPE items such as hand sanitizer and masks.
--Books, training manuals, guides +
--New member welcomes boxes and gifts +
--Product samples +
--Marketing materials +
--Medical program test kits +
--Follow up gifts to clients, leads, and prospects+
-Thank you! +Are there any upcoming projects that you need logo items for? 
-Fulfillment Warehouse + 
- in advance for your time. 
 +Custom Branded Product Specialist
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