1. - Mapping the independents.

  • Developing a new social mapping network for independent culture. Brief presentation, in English, about a very new mapping service being developed in Vienna. (Mike Borras)

2. Firefox 3 Ausblick (Christopher Clay)

Teilnehmer / Participants

Rund 15-20 Teilnehmer

  1. Christopher Clay (Info)
  2. Clemens Beer (Tupalo / 9tomorrows)
  3. Mike Borras (Tupalo / 9tomorrows)
  4. Fabian Topfstedt (Blog)
  5. Philipp Schmid
  6. Florian Walter
  7. Melanie Friedl
  8. Shadi Abou-Zahra (W3C)

Zuschauer / Audience


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