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I don't uderstand much from this wiki so I need some help about the rules and expectations for the participants here. I am a programmer but recently I lean into the interaction design and mediated communication facilitation areas. I have a few ideas for new kinds of Smart Aggregators/Collaborative Filters software and I would like to talk to other people interested in those subjects. I am also involved in the Catalyst project (Perl MVC framework) and author of Catalyst::Example::InstantCRUD - if there is any interest I can deliver a short speach on that (how much pimping of your own projects is allowed here?). I am also member of the polish ISOC chapter.

  • Sounds interesting. Where are you located? Could you stop by the next berlin meetup? Feel free to contact me directly (Tim).
    • I am currently located in Frankfurt, and I don't think I could manage to be in Berlin on 23th of April. And which part looks interesting for you? Thanks for the comment. – Zbyszek
  • We had an extensive chat about Rails/Lisp/Continuations during the webmontag on 10.4., and wanted to stay in touch regarding possible cooperation. Please send me your contact details to edv (at) hendrikstier (.) de – Hendrik
    • I'd like to get your contact info, too. Thanks! (Tim)
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