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July 14, 2008
at 6.30pm

RSVP below on the wiki or sign up on Upcoming or Facebook.


Cooley Godward Kronish LLP
Palo Alto Campus, Hanover Bldg.
3175 Hanover Street
Palo Alto, CA 94304
Phone: 650-843-5000
Driving directions (click on “Driving Directions” in the lower right column)
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Yahoo! Maps (beta)
via Rrove - if you geotagged pictures on Flickr and/or add Web Monday to EVDB, it would also appear here.


6.30-7.30pm - Arrival

Arrival, food, drinks…

7.30-8.30pm - Presentations, Demos

Quick talks…

Topics go here (10 minutes each)

  1. Startupnewz: Digg for Startups –
  2. iSemantics: Search and find pictures –
    • Online photo searching and sorting (in development status at the moment, but usable)
  3. european network of young media makers –
    • A platform for young european mediamakers in Europe (starting in October 2008)
    • We provide a global solution for mobility. Our goal is to centralize your digital life on the cloud to access it from any devices (mobile, PCs, mini-PC, mobile gadget,etc). MyBooo is an online desktop synced with your local one and reachable from all the devices you use. If you use several devices, how do you centralize all the data you have? USB key, External hard drive, Online storage, email, etc. We have a better solution! Our platform is currently in beta version and reachable only with an activation key. If you want to try it, send me an email to cyril {a} and tell me “I want MyBooo”. See U soon on MyBooo or anywhere in the Valley!

8.30-9.30pm - Shmoozing



I'll be there for sure!

There are currently 20+ people signed up on the wiki, on Upcoming or Facebook.

  1. Pete Park
  2. Niels Richter (Xing)
  3. Markus Boelter (Xing)
  4. Your name (Blog)


I'd really like to go but I'm not sure yet if I can make it (please revise as the date draws closer, thanks!).

  1. Stephan Kliche
  2. Christian Heise

Remote audience

I can't come but will follow the evening via the web (as much as that's possible).

  • Adam Glickman (aglick35)
  • Your name (Blog)

What is Web Monday?

Web Monday was started in late 2005 in an effort to help spread those sunny Silicon Valley vibes to Germany. It's an informal, community-driven event that aims to connect the German web 2.0 and internet startup scene.

Since its inception, Web Monday has spread fast: meetings are now being held in 30+ cities all across Germany on a regular basis and have attracted 1,000+ repeat participants so far. Meetings have also been held in Austria, Silicon Valley and on Second Life.

Very broadly put, Web Monday is about the future of the internet (especially insofar as it may be invented in Germany). Anyone involved in web 2.0 or neighboring fields who has an interest in German-US business (or any kind of “bridging” between the two, for that matter) is most welcome to join. Whether you are from Germany and live and work in the Bay Area (and want to help spread the good vibes), or whether you're from here and would like to connect with folks from overseas – Web Monday Silicon Valley is your chance to present your product, your service, your startup, or your next big idea to a growing audience of German web aficionados (some local, some watching via the web). Plus, there's food and drinks!


Good? Bad? Suggestions? Ideas?


Please note here what others are saying elsewhere.

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